Office Technology Process Improvement Specialists

Stopping the Disservice

For 20+ years businesses have been missing out on what their office technology is capable of, and instead, using some of the newest technology the same way they have for 20+ years!

The time for change is now. AJ Technology Group is a local, independent office technology provider that asks the real and engaging questions to help you solve your workflow challenges and needs — providing overall process improvement solutions, not just the same hardware you can get from anyone else!

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Accept the challenge to find out the AJTG difference and schedule a 15-minute investment of your time to learn how AJ Technology Group will open your eyes!

How We Do It:

Real Solutions

Improving your company’s workflow can be a challenge. But whether it’s through multifunctional technologies, interactive screens, mailing solutions, VOIP phone systems, or something else, the process improvement specialists at AJ Technology Group will help you add the most value to your company — and avoid the traps of most sales reps.


How can monotonous, daily tasks like printing and scanning cost your company valuable time? Why is it so difficult to find the specific machine needed?

When you partner with AJ Technology Group, we’ll utilize our process improvement experience to guide companies through these decisions — ensuring that the machines you purchase correlate to increased value and saved time.

Are You Ready to Accept The Challenge?