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Hello, my name is Jeff Jeffers and I am the President/Founder of AJ Technology Group. First, I’d like to say thank you! Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Thank you for wanting to learn more about who we are, our capabilities, and what makes us different from other office technology providers.

After graduating from Ambridge Area High School, I continued my education and athletic careers at Washington and Jefferson College. From there, I started my career in the office technology and workflow business in 2000. After 20 years in the industry, it was time…..I was tired of seeing organizational changes that were negatively impacting both employees and the customers. So, it was time to go out on my own!

The name, AJ Technology Group, is the first initial of 2 of my 4 children — my oldest son Jaxson and only daughter Addison. Ladies first, too! Throughout my career, I’ve created a respected reputation for myself with clients, co-workers, competition, and the key players and powers in our industry. Without that reputation, I couldn’t have started my own process improvement company. So thank you to all those who believed in and gave me the opportunity to provide gainful employment in our local economy.

If you’re a decision-maker in today’s world, you’re aware of the disconnect in this industry over the last 20 years: the LOCAL businesses. The Pittsburgh marketplace went from 20+ vendors down to single digits with 90% being direct manufacturers. But AJ Technology Group is here to stay.

My mission is to become the elite provider of process improvement technologies in southwestern Pennsylvania. Whether the solutions be directly or indirectly through AJ Technology Group, our mission is to become your trusted partner for any type of business process conversation. AJ Technology Group has aligned with other LOCAL businesses to ensure we provide you the best offerings because, as LOCAL businesses, shareholders are our people and customers, not Wall Street!

I welcome the opportunity to schedule a virtual or in-person visit to briefly discuss our process improvement approach.

Thank you again for visiting our site and learning more about AJ Technology Group.

Jeff Jeffers
President, AJ Technology Group

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