Improve document & workflow management with an Enterprise Content Management solution

Enterprise Content Management can transform your business to its digital best.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions and services are designed to increase workflow efficiency, storage, security and compliance by automating manual processes, digitizing your paperwork and streamlining office tasks. With less energy spent on manual tasks, chasing documents and managing paper operations, more time will be available for your most important tasks. Read on for more about how AJ Technology Group can support your business with ECM solutions.

What does ECM mean for you? It means minimizing (or even eliminating) paper, including printing, office supplies, storage space, and storage fees. It also means minimizing all things done with paper, like sorting, shipping, filing, retrieving, sharing, routing and more. And best of all, it means your digital content will have centralized online access so your employees can stay connected wherever work takes them.

Is your business overwhelmed with paper? Printed documents, invoices, receipts, credit card statements, contracts and expense forms lead to paper overload. And holding on to years’ worth of archives leads to an expensive, inefficient and insecure storage problem. Discover ECM with AJ Technology Group. We’ll steer you to the right solution to help you manage your paper trail.

Use Our Expertise

We know that all of this information can be overwhelming. With these features come choices and decisions to figure out the best path for companies. We do not know what you want, and more importantly, what you actually NEED. You might not know either. So, let’s schedule a call or visit and talk about your current business processes and agree on what solution is the RIGHT one. Use our expertise, our experience, and our commitment to process improvement for your business.

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Why an ECM solution?

Content Management solutions have transformed thousands of organizations worldwide in all industries – including healthcare, insurance, government, education, legal, and finance – by empowering them to become more agile, efficient and effective. Discover the benefits of digitized information versus paper, and how you can better manage your content.  With your first step, the assessment, AJ Technology Group can determine the best solution for all departments and deliver a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of your business.

Through Content Management, you can automate your business processes: index and capture the data you want to extract from your documents, store the data centrally and then manage the content with workflows and line-of business integrations. You get seamless integration and cohesive workflows for the visibility you need to better manage your processes.


content management
  • searching for information 20% 20%
  • can’t find what they’re looking for 50% 50%
  • sifting through nonessential documents 40% 40%

Improve organizational efficiency with an ECM solution

Storage – Your business data is stored security, your archives are protected from disaster, and your team has access to what they need, all due to digital information you have consolidated in a central location.

Access – Documents and content are accessible to whichever employees need them. You can even make the documents password-protected, if needed. They’re stored in folders and are searchable with keywords and other tags, a much simpler process than with traditional hard copies.

Less wasted time – According to studies by IDC and PwC, the average employee spends about 20% of their day searching for information in printed documents and 50% of the time can’t find what they’re looking for. Even further, the average worker spends about 40% of their day sifting through nonessential documents. It’s a staggering amount of time wasted, but it’s time that an investment in an ECM solution can easily get back.


Accept the challenge of a 15-minute investment of your time to learn how AJ Technology Group will open your eyes
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