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By aligning with AJ Technology Group for all your office technology needs, you’ll add value to your company and save on-the-clock employee time.
Every good business needs a partner. Someone outside of your company, someone unbiased by internal company operations and traditions, and someone who has both the short-term long-term future in mind. At AJ Technology Group, we understand the importance behind that, and that’s why our strategic alliances and partnerships offered are the perfect solutions to help manage your workflow processes and office technology beyond one machine.

Don’t fall into the same traps that sales reps have been setting for over years. We don’t want you to just invest in a strategic alliance. Rather, we want you to invest in something that’s best for and adds the most value to your company — not considering the price and “our savings” as the most important variable.

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Combining resources and goals

When looking for a strategic alliance or partnership, the first item to check from a company perspective is how the company plans to charge for its services. In most cases, you’ll combine strengths and tack on a yearly or monthly fee, but some companies stretch those fees to the point of extreme. In the end, it’s best to avoid those companies.

AJ Technology is focused on value-added, not money saved or overall price. Your business is filled with resources — employees, current technology, office space, or customer base — and we want to strengthen that. It could be by analyzing where employees waste time during, such as at the printer or copier, and determine products or investments that’ll earn back that time. It could also be by figuring out where workflow processes stall during the day and implement methods or purchase selective machines to smoothen the transition within those steps.

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Using all of our solutions

At AJ Technology Group, we offer numerous solutions that your company could benefit from in a strategic partnership. Again, every move we’ll make, every decision we’ll make together in this alliance is centered on how much value it’ll add to the company in the end. We’ve seen the sales representative traps and mistakes. We have seen all the wasted money on continual upgrades as opposed to one large investment into office technology. That’s why we’re referred to as process improvement specialists — because by partnering with AJ Technology Group, everything ties back to the phrase.

Maybe it’s the higher quality and in-house abilities of a production printer, one that meshes with a color printing increase that will reach a 67% share of all pages printed over the next nine years. Maybe it’s the interactive screen technology that creates more engaging meetings, technology that can range from sizes as small as a tablet to as large as a 50-inch screen. Or maybe it’s the simple process of 3D printing, which allows for additive manufacturing built on layers and speeds up the creative process.

But we know that all of this information can be overwhelming. With these features come choices and decisions to figure out the best path for companies. We don’t know what you want, and you might not know either. So, let’s schedule a meeting and talk about whether a strategic alliance or partnership is the right one for you. Use our expertise, our experience, and our commitment to improving your company’s internal and external business communication.
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