Improve company profitability with print routing and cost accounting technology

Print routing technology focuses on giving you complete control over the printing workflow, while cost accounting technology analyzes financial data to improve profitability.

The cost of printing is expensive. More expensive for one page than you, or your employees, likely realize. There’s the ink cartridges, the paper, the machine repairs, and more.

With print routing, though, everything printer-related becomes standardized and communicated across the company. Maybe you don’t want employees printing their emails. Maybe you want to direct high-volume printing jobs to low-cost machines. The rules are customizable to your company’s specific needs, and the same goes for cost accounting technology.

At AJ Technology, we know that there’s definitely room for improvement in your process workflow and some of that stems from simply not being able to track everything properly. Cost accounting technology provides financial data about company projects to aid your costs while not requiring more of your time to do so.

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We know that all of this information can be overwhelming. With these features come choices and decisions to figure out the best path for companies. We do not know what you want, and more importantly, what you actually NEED. You might not know either. So, let’s schedule a call or visit and talk about your current business processes and agree on what solution is the RIGHT one. Use our expertise, our experience, and our commitment to process improvement for your business.

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Cost Accounting Technology

Tracking your financial data is significant regardless of your business’ size. Cost accounting has become a necessary complement to financial accounting — measuring your company’s efficiency in terms of time, expenses and costs. Your numbers are analyzed next to industry and economy standards, identifying both the profitable and unprofitable areas.

From this analyzed data, your company will be able to calculate a more realistic cost production and set prices accordingly. If your company is struggling with losses, cost accounting technology will be able to fix those. If your company is surging through periods of gain, cost accounting technology will highlight why.

Over time, you’ll see those profits and losses depicted on easily accessible charts. You can do all this internally, too, and avoid hiring expensive outside firms to look at the same numbers for you. AJ Technology Group isn’t going to try and sell you on those outside firms, mostly because they don’t add value. And that’s what we’re all about. Give us 15 minutes to explain, and you’ll also see why.

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Benefits of Print Routing Technology

It’s important to have complete control over all of your company’s printing workflow, or else the costs will add up. Typically, the larger multifunction printers and technologies are less expensive to use, while desktop printers often cost more per page.

Need to print manuals or guidebooks? Re-route those printing projects to the multifunction technologies, even if the user’s device would traditionally print to another printer. Want the default to be double-sided printing? Easily set that up in the print routing technology.

With print routers, you’re no longer relying on employees actually following your cost-friendly approach to printing. You might tell them to print everything double-sided or send those extensive projects to the larger printers, but they might forget. At AJ Technology Group, we’ll help you get the software set up and make those requests you have automatic.

Accept the challenge of a 15-minute investment of your time to learn how AJ Technology Group will open your eyes
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