Centralize business document locations with production scanners

Use a production or desktop scanner to make the transition from paper to digital, ensuring all company files are accessible for any employee at any time.

Scattered throughout your company’s offices, shelves and file cabinets are likely years, or even decades, worth of printed records and files. We know how that works, because everyone’s been in that situation. Random business cards are mixed in with old invoices. Tax documents somehow become intertwined with personal employee records.

But as technology has evolved, the need for printed copies has faded. Cloud services and other softwares help files exist online in a more organized format and in a location where every employee can access them. How do you make the transition from paper to digital with pre-existing files? By investing in a production or desktop scanner — an easy adjustment to make.

That’s what our main goal is at AJ Technology Group: to help your company make easy adjustments and add value, which often comes through efficiency to workflows. We’re not the process improvement specialists looking to “save you money” by locking you into machine upgrades every five years. Rather, we’re worried about that value, that time you’ll save by trusting us to analyze and improve processes from beginning to end.

And when it comes to erasing the clutter of files, a production or desktop scanner is a great first step.

Use Our Expertise

We know that all of this information can be overwhelming. With these features come choices and decisions to figure out the best path for companies. We do not know what you want, and more importantly, what you actually NEED. You might not know either. So, let’s schedule a call or visit and talk about your current business processes and agree on what solution is the RIGHT one. Use our expertise, our experience, and our commitment to process improvement for your business.

Accept the challenge of a 15-minute investment of your time to learn how AJ Technology Group will open your eyes

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Why scan your business documents?

When we partner with your company and commit to improving workflows, one of the first items we’ll look at is time. Where are you wasting time during the day, where are your employees wasting time during the day, and how can we fix that?

Every time you spend 10 minutes digging for a file from 2018, or every time you spend sifting through filing cabinets for a certain employee’s record, that takes time. Instead, you can simply use keywords like first or last names to search those files in the company database after scanning them into the system.

And with that digital database comes extra layers of security. Maybe you had a key to the old filing cabinet or locked the office doors at night. Once you scan documents, though, you can customize settings and require a password or digital signature for access. This adds another layer of confidentiality to documents, and also ensures documents will be saved if there’s a disaster involving the office building.

scanner desktop

Access any file, any time, anywhere.

With more people than ever working from home since the coronavirus pandemic, scanners are necessary for ensuring that the same tasks can be completed. Upload all the files and invoices that would traditionally be kept in offices and make them available to everyone — or at least everyone that needs to access them.

At work-from-home offices, it’s not possible to deliver documents across the office from someone else. It’s not possible to leave a finished packet on another employee’s desk at night for them to continue working on the next morning. Simply taking photos and emailing them isn’t a professional solution and it’s not streamlined for the entire company. But production and desktop scanners are the perfect piece of equipment to solve those problems.

Accept the challenge of a 15-minute investment of your time to learn how AJ Technology Group will open your eyes
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