Advance business communication with VoIP phone systems

With a Voice over Internet Protocol solution, your business no longer needs a landline or specific location to make calls — just a high-speed internet connection.

At AJ Technology Group, we understand how stressful work days can be. You schedule a phone meeting, join a conference call, schedule another phone meeting, and, by the time those are done, there’s another call ready to be scheduled. This comes with nearly every job, and every company needs to effectively manage them in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system helps that happen. You won’t need a landline or specific location to make calls, and they can be managed over an Internet connection. Don’t worry about area codes, international phone calls, or syncing this software with traditional landlines — also called hard phones. Internet fees that traditionally compound phone service charges will be avoided.

For both small business and established companies, VoIP systems allow you to combine these phone service and internet elements into one.

Use Our Expertise

We know that all of this information can be overwhelming. With these features come choices and decisions to figure out the best path for companies. We don’t know what you want, and you might not know either. So, let’s schedule a meeting and talk about which VoIP system is the right one. Use our expertise, our experience, and our commitment to improving your company’s internal and external business communication.

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Accommodating Every Device

As technology continues to evolve, the number of methods available to complete work do, too. Desk phones are replaced by smartphones. Stationary computers are replaced by laptops. You can even communicate from watches and tablets in ways never thought possible decades before.

Older technology is still mixed in, though, and it’s important to streamline business phone lines and operations to accommodate every employee. With VoIP systems, your company’s equipment doesn’t matter as long as the office has a high-speed Internet connection. From laptops and desktop computers to smartphones and tablets, integrate everything with our business communication system. Simply download the software onto your device and login when it’s time to make or receive the call — just as you would for any traditional call.

If you’re on vacation and worried about missing calls, don’t be. If you’re ready to leave work for the evening but need to wait and see if one last call comes, don’t waste time doing that either. As long as you’re connected to the internet, work from any location using VoIP systems. Talk with customers from your home office, or your beach office, and never fall behind on company communication.

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Calling In Different Ways

Once your office phone equipment is connected to VoIP systems, there are a handful of ways to make and receive calls. Use an analog-to-digital converter and connect a standard phone to your computer. Change up your calling routine and connect from computer-to-computer.

But most importantly, figure out a situation that works for everyone involved. There’s no specific method you need to use with VoIP systems, and it’s important to recognize that flexibility when purchasing one. This packet-switched phone network won’t slow down your company’s internet speed, even with every employee using it, because of the VoIP system’s approach to data usage that removes pockets of dead air are from files.

Utilizing VoIP System Features

Having the ability to place and receive calls from any device and any location aren’t the only benefits that come with integrating your company’s equipment with VoIP systems. You’ll have the ability to set up Caller ID, forward incoming calls to specific numbers, play different messages for rejections and busy notices, and send the call directly to your voicemail. Fax machines are even no longer needed to send faxes.

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Accept the challenge of a 15-minute investment of your time to learn how AJ Technology Group will open your eyes

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